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Sunday, October 08, 2006

In an effort to determine the department which produces the most
intelligent graduates, a university president threw down a challenge to the
deans of the schools of science, engineering, and business. He asked each
to send him their brightest student from the current graduating class to
compete in solving a simple problem.

The next day, three students showed up at the university president's
office. He explained the problem as follows:

"I want you to determine the height of the university's newest residence
tower. I am giving each of you only three tools to work with: a stop
watch, a ruler and a ball of string. You are each to devise your own
solution to the problem and report back here by the end of the day.
Whoever has the most accurate answer wins."

The three students set off to the new residence tower. The science manor
went immediately to the roof of the building and dropped the ruler over the
side, carefully timing its descent with the stop watch. Factoring in the
aerodynamic properties of the ruler, the science major calculated the
height of the building within six inches.

Next the engineering major, still panting from running up all the stairs to
the roof, took his turn. He tied the stop watch onto the end of the ball
of string and gently lowered it until it just touched the ground. Reeling
the string back up, he measured it carefully with the ruler, making
adjustments for its elasticity under the weight of the stop watch, and
calculated the height of the building within two inches.

At that point, the science major turns to the engineering major and asks,
"What happened to the kid from the business school? I thought he was right
behind us."

They head back down to the building lobby and there, sitting comfortably in
an upholstered chair, is the business major.

"So, what are you going to do?" asks the science major.

"Oh, I'm done," says the business major, unfolding a piece of paper on
which is written the height of the building expressed to the last
one-eighth inch.

"How did you do that?" asks the engineering major.

"Simple," replies the student from the business school. "While you guys
were screwing around up on the roof, I went down to the basement and found
the building superintendant. I told him I'd give him a nice stop watch if
he'd let me look through the architectural plans for the building."

From: (The Old Bear)


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